NASA Generation-X

     Generation-X is a mission concept of an X-ray observatory with an effective area of 150 m2 at 1 keV and an angular resolution of ~ 0.1 arc second. It will be able to image 1000 times deeper than Chandra, observing sources with a flux of 2 x 10-20 ergs/cm2/s. It will also be able to obtain high resolution spectra from sources 100-1000 times fainter than those observable by Constellation-X. The scientific goals of such a mission would be to probe the X-ray emission from the universe at z = 5-10. It would observe all of galaxies in the Universe, the formation of the first quasars and the creation of the first metals in starburst galaxies. The need for such a mission has been recognized in the recent U.S. National Academy of Sciences decadal survey report, as a long term goal for X-ray astronomy and an important area for technology investment over the coming decades.

NASA Generation-X

Magneto Plasma Dynamic Thruster (MPD)

- N. Brandt (ECoS)

- Members of Smithsonian Astro. Obs. Team; selected for concept study

- No current funding, $1.5B total mission cost (PSU target $10-20M)
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