The LionSat (Local Ionospheric Measurements Satellite) mission will investigate the local ambient and perturbed plasma environments surrounding a small satellite in the Earth's ionosphere. LionSat will measure the ambient plasma environment and the ram and wake regions using a novel hybrid plasma probe instrument. LionSat will test a miniature RF ion thruster system that will augment the satellite spin, which is necessary for mapping the plasma environment surrounding the satellite.

Primary Objectives
  • To map the ram and wake plasma structure surrounding a small satellite.
  • To collect data on ionospheric plasma in a variety of geophysically interesting locations in low Earth orbit.
  • To test, on orbit, a miniature RF ion thruster.
Secondary Objective
  • To test IP communications for uplink and downlink to a spacecraft in low Earth orbit.


Open house at the College of Engineering

- S. BilÚn (CoE)

- Student-centered satellite opportunity

- $200K (PSU target $500K)
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